Laser Therapy for Gum Disease in Calgary

Laser Therapy: Modern Solution for Cold Sores, Canker Sores, and Gum (Gingival) Surgery

Modern dentistry has benefitted from many different technological advances in other fields. One of the most important scientific discoveries was the use of lasers in dentistry. At Pinnacle Dental, our Odyssey laser can be used for many different applications such as treating cold sores and canker sores to decrease healing time and limit their potential for recurrence. In addition to ulcer treatments, the laser can be used in soft tissue surgeries for biopsies, removing gum tissue around teeth for crown lengthening or to alter gum positions in smile enhancements.


What Are the Benefits of Laser Dentistry?

Laser therapy in Calgary can offer a significant benefit that helps bring back your teeth’ health and help reduce the patient’s discomfort. Other than this, the laser dentistry will provide these benefits, which are as follows:

  • The laser therapy will help in sterilizing the gums and reduce the infection.
  • It is helpful in treating periodontal disease and gingivitis
  • Can be used for sterilizing the inside of tooth roots during root canal procedures
  • Less damage to the gums and give proper healing time.
  • The patient doesn’t need any sutures.
  • Minimum loss of blood during the surgery
  • Getting things done without the use of Anesthesia

How our Laser Therapy in Calgary will help the Patients?

Laser Dentistry is versatile and plays a crucial role in bringing back the teeth’ health. There are numerous ways in which laser therapy is used, which are as follows:

Bacterial Elimination

The use of laser therapy helps eliminate the bacterial infection which a patient may acquire during the treatment. It helps bring successful outcomes by eliminating the disease-causing bacteria.

Tumour Removal

Another important use of lasers is removing the tumor from the teeth’ soft tissue areas. Laser therapy helps eliminate the tumor without causing harm to the nearby tissues. Moreover, it doesn’t cause pain in the tissues too.

Soft Tissue Reshaping

Laser dentistry in Calgary is also helpful in reshaping the soft tissue exposed more than the natural crown lengthening. It gives proper shape to the tissues to restrengthen the smiles and make them more impressive and attractive. Above this, it will help remove those dead tissue folds that may happen due to denture wear.

Teeth Whitening

Laser can also be helpful in the teeth whitening process. It increases the particles’ activity, such as peroxide bleaching solution, which helps in the whitening of the teeth.


Sometimes the laser dentistry is also helpful to perform the biopsy on the soft tissues and suspicious areas of the mouth. The laser procedure helps detect the fault instantly with excellent precision.

How Pinnacle Dental Will Perform the Procedure?

Our dental clinic in Calgary uses different lasers of varying wavelength to proceed with the treatment. The most common lasers we use are diode lasers and carbon dioxide lasers. These are effective in treating the soft tissues related problem.

After the complete examination, our downtown Calgary dentist will proceed to laser beam therapy by taking proper precautions, directing them towards the affected area, and carefully treating the soft tissues to dissolve them completely. It usually takes less time to treat the affected area and cause minimum discomfort to the tissues.

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