Laser Therapy for Gum Disease in Downtown, Calgary

Laser Therapy for Cold Sores, Canker Sores

Laser Therapy for Gum (Gingival) Surgery 

Modern dentistry has benefitted from many different technological advances in other fields. One of the most important scientific discoveries was the use of lasers in dentistry. At Pinnacle Dental, our Odyssey laser can be used for many different applications such as treating cold sores and canker sores to decrease healing time and limit their potential for recurrence. In addition to ulcer treatments, the laser can be used in soft tissue surgeries for biopsies, removing gum tissue around teeth for crown lengthening or to alter gum postions in smile enhancements. New uses for the laser are in treating periodontal disease and gingivitis and in sterilizing the inside of tooth roots during root canal procedures.

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